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Our project is gathering pace!

Since I last posted on this blog, the Westwood Oral History Project has certainly gathered pace and interest in the community…

We have now been able to complete six fascinating interviews, with two in the last week alone, finding out, first hand, fascinating facts  and information about our local heritage. These can all be found on our Westwood Heritage website  Our children have been magnificent, with each interview being carried out by a different team. They always come away so excited and thrilled to have been able to listen to these wonderful members of the community who are telling their stories so beautifully.

This is exactly what we were hoping to achieve and I have so many more leads to explore in the coming weeks, expanding our breadth of knowledge and information that we are gaining and able to share about the rich heritage of the community.

If you are interested in joining our project, then do please get in touch via email or call the school on 01225 862408. I would be delighted to get in touch with you and discuss how your contributions can be added to this growing and exciting project.

Here are two fascinating interviews from this week – Flossie Battle, who lives in Bradford on Avon and talked to us about her ancestors involvement in the weaving industry and Freda Ferne, a long standing resident of Avoncliff, who remembered the developments in Avonciff over time and how it has changed:

Look out for an open mic evening at The New Inn in Westwood on Wednesday 4th July from 7pm onwards, when we will be taking our portable studio to boadcast, (hopefully) live from the pub and inviting people to talk to us on air, sharing their experiences of the community.  This is, I hope going to be such a fun and wonderful evening spending time with local residents and listening to our children interview them.

Welcome and hello!

Welcome to our Westwood Heritage blog. I say our blog because this is what I hope it will be – a place to keep up to date, comment and share all of the wonderful things that make the Westwood community a special place to live, work, go to school and grow up.

Over time, we will keep you updated with all that is taking place in our Westwood Oral History project, but in the meantime, head over to our brand new website Here you will already find a fabulous interview with two of our community members, David and Kate Windo, who talked brilliantly about their childhood in Westwood and much more as well as some photos from schooldays gone by. Do you recognise anyone? Please do get in touch and let us know.

We love comments and feedback, so do please interact and make this a truly engaging community collaboration.

Press play to listen to David and Kate right here!